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Restaurant Tech Trends: Why Are Big Brands Buying Tech Companies?

Historically, the restaurant industry has never been known for being technology-forward. But, as the landscape changes and technology proliferates, we're starting to see a scramble in some of the biggest restaurant brands to form strategic alliances - and there's no stronger strategic alliance than outright ownership.

Bareburger’s Augmented Reality Strategy: AR Menus

Outside of marketing novelties and entertaining distractions, you may not think augmented reality is a natural fit for the restaurant industry. However, organic and sustainable burger brand Bareburger has other ideas.

How Gregory’s Coffee Is Taking On Starbucks With Mobile Ordering

Since first opening its doors in 2006, Gregory's Coffee has expanded with breathtaking rapidity to cover 30 locations - 24 in New York City, 4 in Washington, D.C. and 2 in Jersey City. And it's not stopping there. The innovative brand has plans in place to add five new shops in 2019.

AI Strategy Is Helping TGI Fridays Create Great Customer Experiences

Millennial and GenZ customers are less impressed with nostalgia and are more drawn to new, quick, and affordable options which can offer them unique experiences.

Taziki's Biometric App Is Improving the Ordering Experience

You may not yet be familiar with Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe, but the restaurant brand was recently named one of Inc. 5000's fastest growing companies, and a big part of that is due to a recent 200% boost in online and takeout orders.

Spyce Has Built the World's First Entirely Robotic Kitchen

The brainchild of four MIT mechanical engineering students, Spyce was born out of a desire to create cheaper food without sacrificing quality. Takeout food is expensive in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area, and the hungry students wanted to come up with an alternative.

Dave & Buster's New Technology Inspires Younger Generations

Dave & Buster's isn't just thinking about gimmicky technology-based communications either, but rather a ground-up reassessment of the entire employee culture within the brand.

Presto Disrupting the Restaurant Industry with Wearable and Digital Tech

The exciting technology being put out by Presto offers great functionality to restaurants and allows them to better serve their customers and run their business. From tablet computers to AI and wearables, each presents an opportunity to create superior customer experiences.

KFC Leverages Crowdfunding Platforms and Netflix in Its Next Innovations

KFC Innovation Lab has found a new home on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and is looking to its audience for help with bringing the next big idea to market.Three of the five ideas initially opened for crowdfunding include a Colonel Sanders on Ice show, a smart walking cane remote control, and a KFC Hot Tub.

Coca-Cola Just Invested $10 Million in Omnivore - Here's Why

California-based startup Omnivore wants to help make restaurants more agile and profitable by offering a platform which can bring together and manage all their digital technology in one place. The company has just acquired $10 million in a Series A funding round, which includes such prestigious investors as soft drinks giant Coca-Cola.

Miso Robotics' Burger-Flipping Robot Has Caught Walmart's Attention

Flippy is designed to operate in busy fast food kitchens, and, as the name suggests, can man a grill station and flip burgers automatically. Consisting of a single arm with an attached spatula, Flippy is also equipped with 3D and thermal scanners for "eyes", and Miso Robotics' proprietary cloud-connected Miso AI for a "brain".

UberEats Will Soon Be Delivering Takeout Food Via Drone Technology

Some companies are using drone delivery in conjunction with vans. We see this in remote or disaster-hit parts of the world where life-saving medicines are needed. Vans take the delivery as far as the roads will allow, and then a drone launchpad built into the vehicle's roof enables the last leg of the journey to be completed.

Valyant AI Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence Tech to Drive-Through Ordering

The technology developed by Valyant AI is designed to replace the human operator who speaks to drive-through customers and takes their order. The chatbot-like software can listen to a customer's order, send it to the kitchen, tell the customer how much it will cost, confirm the order, and send the customer to the collection window to receive their food.